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Simply Thrifty is a local Washington, New Jersey thrift shop that provides a variety of unique items for customers looking for a great bargain. Our commitment to the environment means that we seek to keep items out of our landfills, allowing us to find homes for things that would otherwise be thrown out. A majority of our stock comes from retail and residential clean outs, along with estate sales. This allows for an even mixture of new, used, vintage, and modern items to sort through. Customers can find a variety of deals in our family owned and operated second hand shop and take home unique items that might otherwise end up in a landfill. We accept a variety of donations to help fill our store with the best merchandise at the best price.

Please be aware donations are only accepted during the hours that we are open. Thank you!

Toys and board games in a metal shelf

Items we don't accept


Tube TV's & Monitors

Small Toys

Baby Cribs

High Chairs

VHS Tapes